Sore throat

Sore throat and tonsillitis can affect you at any time of the year, but the number of patients with these diseases spikes mostly in the cold months, between January and April. Usually there is an infection of the upper airways caused by bacterial or viral infections in the background of sore throat, but the inflammation may also be the result of eating some cold ice cream or the air conditioner set to too cold temperature. Besides sore throat, dry throat can also develop after the infection of the airways or on straining of the throat. In these cases, the mucous membrane protecting the pharynx is broken resulting in burning or scratchy sensation in the throat. Scratchiness of the throat is an unpleasant feeling, and the cough stimulus may be more than annoying. If you get appropriate treatment for the affected throat in time, sore throat is usually healed in one or two weeks, but treatment is essential to prevent the exacerbation of it and complications as well. Sager Pharma offers a solution for not only disinfecting your throat but for dry throat as well.

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