Pharmatex®– spermicidal non-hormonal alternative in birth control

Pharmatex is non-hormonal, locally applied contraceptive medication that destroy the sperms in the vagina. It should be used before sexual intercourse; the active ingredient has a spermicide effect (destroying the sperms) as it paralyzes the movement of sperms and then breaks them down.

The contraceptive effect of Pharmatex is clinically proven. The effectiveness of contraceptive method is described by the Pearl index, which gives the number of pregnancies per 100 woman years (that is the number of pregnancies in 100 women using a particular means of contraceptive method in a year). The Pearl index for Pharmatex is between 0.7 and 7, whereas it is between 3 and 28 in condom use, and 8 and 38 in interrupted intercourse.

It means that Pharmatex has the highest efficacy in the tested non-hormone contraceptive methods.

Pharmatex is marketed in 4 types of forms, each one is recommended for different cases.

In case of excessive vaginal discharge, the use of the Pharmatex vaginal tablet is recommended, in the case of a dry vagina, Pharmatex 18.9 mg vaginal suppository with mild lubricating effect, or Pharmatex 12 mg/g vaginal cream with significant lubricating effect should be used.

In case of normal amount of vaginal discharge, the use of Pharmatex 18.9 mg soft vaginal capsule is recommended.

The duration of the contraceptive effect refers to the time span of the protection, 3 to 4 or 10 hours, but it can be used only for ONE sexual intercourse.

Pharmatex is not recommended to be used during menstruation, or in combination with other vaginal treatments.

Before each additional sexual intercourse, an additional Pharmatex product should be used.

Active ingredient:

benzalkonium chloride

It is a group of non-prescription, non-hormone contraceptive medications for local application.

Pharmatex products:

Pharmatex csoport

PHARMATEX® vaginal tablet

  • the protective effect starts in 10 minutes
  • and it lasts for 3 hours
  • Presentation: 12 tablets

PHARMATEX® 18.9 mg vaginal suppository

  • the protective effect starts in 10 minutes
  • and it lasts for 4 hours
  • Presentation: 10 suppositories

PHARMATEX® 18.9 mg soft vaginal capsule

  • the protective effect starts in 10 minutes
  • and it lasts for 4 hours
  • Presentation: 6 capsules

PHARMATEX® 12 mg/g vaginal cream

  • the protective effect starts immediately
  • and it lasts for 10 hours
  • Presentation: 72 g (approx. 8 doses) of cream

Pharmatex® is a non-prescription, non-hormonal contraceptive medication for local application containing benzalkonium chloride as an active ingredient.

Please, read the complete Patient Information Leaflet (find at the following link) before using the product.

Patient Information Leaflets:

PHARMATEX® vaginal tablet
PHARMATEX® 18,9 mg vaginal suppository
PHARMATEX® 18,9 mg soft vaginal capsule
PHARMATEX® 12 mg/g vaginal cream

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