Hyabak eye drops

Hyabak® eye drops – 4-fold protection for dry eyes

Hyabak preservative free eye drops are recommended for the treatment of dry eyes.

It features 4-fold protection: free of preservatives, osmotically balanced, permanently moisturizes, and protects against UVB.

It can be used with any sort of contact lenses.

It is preservative free due to its unique ABAK® container; a complex filtering system which ensures the sterility of the solution for 3 months from opening. ABAK® container provides leakage-free and consistent dripping. Uniformly sized drops are dispensed by the container during every use.

Hyabak contains:

  • Sodium hyaluronate, which hydrates and lubricates dry eyes.
  • Actinoquinol, which mitigates the UVB radiation-evoked harmful processes.

The hypotonicity of Hyabak helps restore the osmotic balance of dry eyes, which contributes to the regeneration of the cells of the ocular surface.

Hyabak is recommended:

  • to lubricate and moisten the eyes, or for the treatment of pain or dryness evoked by irritants such as wind, smoke, pollution, dry heat, air-conditioning, air-travel, or prolonged work in front of a computer screen.
  • For contact lens wearers, it provides permanent lubrication and hydration of the lenses, and it makes wear, insertion and removal of the lenses more comfortable.

As often as necessary. One drop in each eye.


hyaluronic acid (lubricating and moisturizing agent),
and actinoquinol (agent with anti-UV properties).

This product is a medical device/medical supply and equipment for treating dry eyes. CE0459


5 ml and 10 ml eye drops in plastic ABAK dripping container.

Hyabak bliszteres

Please, read the complete Instruction For Use (find at the following link) before using the product.

Instruction For Use

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