GenTeal lubricant eye drops and eye gel - Refreshing eye drops

GenTeal eye drops and eye gel contain disappearing preservative. They are recommended for dry eye sufferers. GenTeal has the lubricant effect by the help of a disappearing preservative (sodium perborate) that turns into pure water and oxygen upon contact with your eye without damaging the surface of the eye.

The advantages of using GenTeal:

  • It readily covers the cornea
  • It is colorless and clear (opposed to "oily" eye drops)
  • It can be used day and night
  • The preservative disappears in the eye
  • It can be stored for 12 weeks at room temperature after opening
  • It is available both in the form of drops and gel
  • It can be administered to the wearers of all types of contact lenses
  • It can also be used after surgical interventions


  • Hypromellose (GenTeal eye drops and eye gel)
  • Carbomer (GenTeal eye gel)
  • GenAqua preservative system (sodium perborate and phosphoric acid)


GenTeal lubricant eye drops: 10 ml
GenTeal lubricant eye gel: 10 mg
A medical/therapeutic aid to treat dry eyes. CE0459


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Please, read the complete Instructions For Use (find at the following link) before using the product.

Instruction For Use
GenTeal eye gel
GenTeal eye drops

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